We're Soundbrew

A music streaming app where artists can start a fan club and get paid from their fans to release exclusive music and audio. Fan clubs are a great way for artists to reward and connect with their most loyal fans.

Fan club memberships are $3.99 per month, and artists earn $3.19 per fan per month after Soundbrew's 15% fee. Artists can also receive cash gifts from fans within the app with another 20% Soundbrew fee deducted. Payouts are automatically sent to artists' bank acounts on a weekly basis.

We've partnered with stripe.com to insure artists' personal and financial information is secure. Shopify, Lyft, and Instacart are some of the other companies that also use Stripe for their payments infrastructure. Soundbrew's utilization of Stripe for payments also means that artists can accept fan club members from over 135 currencies.

Artists can upload singles or collections straight from our mobile app.

Listeners can also discover new music through our "for you" page, and create playlists with their favorite songs.

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Hey, I'm Dominic Smith

Founder & CEO of Soundbrew. Every aspect of Soundbrew including the mobile app and website is built by me. I started learning to make apps 6 years ago when I was an engineering intern at The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. But, Soundbrew wouldn't have made it this far without the support of the Soundbrew artists, my parents, girlfriend, and friends.

Music has always been a big part of my life. I played Saxophone for 7 years throughout grade school, messed around with piano and beats, and sang in the choir.

I started Soundbrew, because I wanted a better way to discover music from independent artists. To me, other streaming services have always been great for listening to artists I already know, but not for discovering new ones.

As I learned more about the music industry, I learned that the biggest issue is how artists are paid for their music online. My goal is to solve as many problems as possible for artists through technology so that they can focus on what matters most: The Music


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Instagram: @sound_brew

Twitter: @sound_brew

Email: hello@soundbrew.app